Designer Skin Luminary™ 400ml




Designer Skin Luminary™ 400mlLuminary™ 400ml
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U25X Black Label Private Reserve™
Magical Solar Silicone
L.ight E.ngaged D.efiance™
Type: Bronzer / Level: Breakthrough

Ascend to the highest bronzing peak and illuminate those around you in the glistening aura of dark tanning perfection. Luminary™ 25 (XXV) Black Label Private Reserve™ distinctively combines superior ingredients with stellar bronzers to take you on a journey beyond the outer limits of the bronzing spectrum. Bask in the therapeutic L.E.D.™ Complex that captures the power of light, infusing skin with vital restorative properties to enhance a rich, glowing tan. Finally…unmatched skincare meets unparalleled color that will have you reaching for the stars…

Premium 25X Black Label Private Reserve™ boldly goes where no tan has gone before to optimize your bronzing capacity
Magical Solar Silicone Emulsion sustains deep color with hydration and feels simply ethereal on your skin
Revolutionary L.E.D.™ Complex works as a multifunctional system to help combat free radical aggressors and boost skin’s overall tone, elasticity and appearance
Soft Celestial Stardust provides perfect dimension and luminosity to the skin
Fragrance: Sweet Champagne Fizz
Size: 400 mL 13.5 Oz.
Luminary™ 400mlLuminary™ 400ml
€97.50 DS0001
Fabrikant: Designer Skin